01268-757166 Pass First Time With DPA Teaching Since 1979
 01268-757166Pass First Time With DPA Teaching Since 1979

According to a Goverment survey people learning to drive take on average 67 hours of driving tuition each and take on average 56 Weeks to pass the driving test.


Using the DVSA instructional sylabus, alongside DPA's own A Card system we are pleased to say that our answer to the question how many lessons will I need? is very different


So what is the current average at DPA?


Average Number of Hours to Test Standard.


Average Time Taken to Test Standard

35 weeks 

(Excludes lessons booked for the practical test itself)

The bitter taste of poor quality lingers long after the sweetness of a cheap price.

DPA, high quality instruction at value for money prices



DPA instructors use the proven ‘A’ Card system as a key part of your tuition for driving. The result is you learn skills and procedures in between your lessons, enabling you to learn faster for less money. The system has been praised by driving Instructors, test examiners and road safety officers and builds as you progress towards your test. 


Standard DPA lessons are one and a half hour duration, in our experience this will reduce the total tuition time required to attain test standard and ensure that the learning process is maintained at the highest level.

You may of course take more than one lesson a week however we recommend that the duration is kept to a maximum of 2 hours per day.


*Only pupils who have trained with DPA from their first lesson to test pass are used for the calculations above. Excludes lessons booked for the purpose of taking the practical test.

It is never our intention to mislead our pupils and we point out that the figure for lessons taken is an average, dependant on ability, number of hours taken each week and speed of learning, some pupils will take more than the average and others less.


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Vehicles are fitted with Internal/external CCTV and audio recording equipment.

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