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How to impress the driving examiner

In short, you can't. Driving test examiners are actually technically advanced bots developed by the DVSA, using a central processing unit based on the Highway Code.


Joking aside, contrary to popular belief, many driving examiners are in fact human, and most of them are actually quite friendly too.

In terms of figuring out how to impress the driving examiner, that can be a little difficult - even if they are human. Often though, it's the little things that have an impact and can ultimately influence an outcome. Let's look at a few basics on how to impress your driving examiner.


First impressions


People form an impression about another person within the first few seconds they meet. We then usually judge that person based on that initial first impression.

Driving examiners are of course professionals and shouldn't judge people outside of their driving ability. We do however all form an initial opinion that may somewhat determine an outcome. So, arriving for your driving test in smart but casual clothing will tell the examiner that you are bothered and respectful of the test you are about to undertake.

Your DPA Instructor will have made sure you have all the relevant documents to hand, and will have laid these out on the test centre table for you. When your examiner enters the room and calls your name stand and greet the examiner with a friendly smile and look your examiner in the eye, speak clearly. It's all just a bit of basic psychology but I assure you it works.

Although driving examiners have predefined rules they must follow, they also have rather a lot of leeway in determining whether a particular fault is only a minor, serious or dangerous. This could apply to many faults and errors to a certain degree and it will allow the examiner to test you further in this area to ensure it isn't a reoccurring error.

Generally what we're saying is that examiners won't turn a blind eye to anything, but providing it's not dangerous, they will often be willing to let you give it another go to prove yourself.

Outside of this there's not much else you can do to impress the driving examiner except demonstrating that you can drive your car safely and proficiently.

Vehicles are fitted with Internal/external CCTV and audio recording equipment.

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